Swisspor Innovationspreis

Forum_Chriesbach_Swisspor_Innovationspreis.jpg2007 Winner, Built Projects - Forum Chriesbach

Swisspor's Innovationspreis (Innovation Prize) is awarded for inventive talent and creativity in developing ideas for the building envelopes of the future. The jurors look for innovations to simple, highly effective structures in comprehensive and multifunctional building envelopes.

Forum Chriesbach was given the award because “the innovative building with the striking blue glass louvres has 150 workplaces and is considered a zero-energy building. It uses approximately four times less energy than a conventional building. Heating is provided in part by heat radiated by both humans and appliances. Solar panels on the roof provide warm water, and a photovoltaic system provides a third of the electricity needed. The glass louvres provide protection from the sun in the summer and prevent the sun's rays from entering the building directly. The innovative building envelope demonstrates what is technically and architecturally feasible at the present time“.

The awards ceremony took place on 23 January 2007 in Basle (CH) during the Swissbau fair, in the presence of the jury and of Swiss parliamentarian Doris Leuthard.

Eawag Forum Chriesbach
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