Prix Evenir

2011 Merit award for Bob Gysin

Sustainability - from Slogan to Customary Practice

Without an intact environment, there can be no prosperity. Conversely, a healthy economy is an indispensable prerequisite for the effective implementation of measures to protect the environment. Genuine sustainability, however, must not only satisfy ecological and economic criteria, but also take social aspects into consideration.

The Prix Evenir is awarded with the aim of promoting innovative ideas that facilitate a sustainable approach to energy and mobility, in order to conserve our resources and to ensure their long-term availability.

The 2011 prize goes to the architect Bob Gysin, who with his Zurich-based architectural practice counts among Europe's leading exponents of sustainable and energy-efficient building. In honouring him, the jury pays tribute to Bob Gysin's long-standing commitment to sustainable building, which goes far beyond the bounds of architectural design.