Panel Discussion on Sustainability in Architecture and Art

Wednesday 11 November 2015, c. 18:00 at BGP

Panel discussion on the subject of "Sustainability in Architecture and Art"
Chaired by Gerhard Mack, Cultural Affairs Editor of NZZ am Sonntag.
With George Steinmann, artist – Hubertus Adam, art and architecture historian – Bob Gysin, founder of the architectural practice BGP and the art gallery GBG.

This discussion of the relationships between architecture, art and sustainability is being held in the context of two presentations by BGP and GBG: the current exhibition here by George Steinmann, an internationally renowned artist whose work addresses the topic of sustainability in art, and the book "Sustainable Thinking in Architecture and Art", published by Hatje Cantz in October 2015.

The book illuminates many facets of the concepts concerned and relates them to each other in an in-formative way, with reference to selected design schemes, works and buildings. Arranged as a chrono-logical catalogue raisonné, the book reveals trends and connections within and between the disciplines, as well as offering a starting point for in-depth reflection and discussion.

Book BGP 'Sustainable Thinking in Architecture and Art'
Exhibition GBG by George Steinmann