Green Monday | Convert or move? Strategies for optimizing living space

Living space consumption is increasing every year. The desire for a home of one's own and a spacious living situation is ever-present. The fact that living requirements change over the course of a person's life usually plays a subordinate role, especially for young families. How can we manage the wishes of clients, scrutinize requirements and further develop existing residential buildings? What ideas are there for living adapted to different life phases?

Tools and design methods for sustainable living concepts will be presented at this Green Monday. The range of design options for existing buildings will be demonstrated on the basis of two work reports.

With a lecture by Sebastian El Khouli: “Living on a small footprint. Optimization of land consumption through density of use”

Further presentations by Dipl.-Ing. Irmgart Kösters, K2 architekten, Bovenden and Jakob Bohlen, Studiomauer, Hanover

GREEN MONDAY: A series of events organized by the chambers of architects in Bremen and Lower Saxony and the climate protection agencies of the state of Bremen (energiekonsens) and the state of Lower Saxony (KEAN) in cooperation with proKlima.