High Tech | Low Tech | No Tech

Since signs of climate change and its growing impact on our everyday lives can clearly no longer be ignored, the BDA (Association of German Architects) members' day addressed the issue 'Quality Architecture and Design in a Changing Climate' Strategic Solutions, from High Tech through Low Tech to No Tech'.

Various legal and economic measures have been rolled out to counter the effects of climate change yet responsibility for how design responds to the issue lies ultimately with us, the planners.

In the course of their lectures and subsequent discussions, guest speakers Marco Giuliani of BGP, Prof. Günter Pfeifer and Prof. Manfred Hegger - respectively the most distinguished architects in the three aforementioned fields - presented innovative approaches to creating sustainable architecture. They thereby supported their hosts' thesis, namely that the task of architecture since its inception has been to consider climatic conditions as fundamental to a building's effectiveness and aesthetics.