Gegenpol: Transeunt | Florian Granwehr

"The higher the number world
the greater
the small-numbered harmony"

"To the question
What is that
there is the answer
To bring something together"

"The simple
is the result
of the multiple"

Florin Granwehr

GEGENPOL: A decelerated and deeper engagement with an oevre, as an alternative to quick art consumption. 

On November 29, we viewed Florin Granwehr's work Transeunt together and discussed it in an "artist" talk with art historian Isabel Zürcher and architect and sculptor Christoph Haerle.

The artist Florin Granwehr, who died in 2019, was an outstanding sculptor, draftsman, and thinker. We have often encountered, consciously or unconsciously, many of Granwehr's monumental sculptures, mainly in public spaces. However, he leaves behind an oeuvre that is much more extensive than is commonly assumed and known.