Gegenpol: Disc 03 | Andrea Wolfensberger

«Who speaks? Who speaks what to whom? How is it spoken?»

«How does the translation process happen from personal voice
to digital code?»

«How does the back-translation of disembodied codes happen
back into the physical?»

These are all questions that not only interest artist Andrea Wolfensberger, but also have something to do with our work as architects. 

In the first edition of the "Gegenpol" series of events, we went on the trail of the answers to the above-mentioned questions with around 80 invited guests from the fields of construction, art and culture. 

In the spirit of a decelerated engagement with art, the event revolved around a single work: Disc 03, sound recordings given form in hard plaster.

The art historian Isabel Zürcher led the discussion and, like the participants, asked exciting and not just simple questions.