Energy Salon 2011

Together with EK Energiekonzepte and Architekturforum Zurich, BGP continues its organisation of the Energy Salon, a platform for architecture and sustainability. Whereas the focus in the first series was placed on outstanding buildings, sustainable densification was thematised in the second and third editions - exemplified by areal developments and punctual interventions in the urban fabric.

In the 2011 fourth edition, the subject of urban planning was at the fore. From May 26 to July 16, 2011, the exhibition 'Post-Oil City - The History of the Future of the City' conveyed know-how on sustainability in architecture and urban design - exemplified by international projects - and took place in collaboration with the prestigious magazine arch+ and the ifa Gallery in Stuttgart.
Information was provided about the global impact of these ambitious visions at the exhibition opening, while an accompanying event established the relationship to Switzerland and addressed local issues.

Motivated by our success in producing sustainable buildings and participation in many panel discussions on sustainability, BGP aims to establish a discussion platform that draws together different disciplines.

Joint organizer EK Energiekonzepte
Joint organizer Architekturforum Zürich
Event Calendar (PDF)