Baumuster-Centrale: Konkret am Mittag

The colours of the Jurassic limestones range from beige white to golden yellow. The yellow color is obtained by the mixture limonite, the so-called brown iron ore. Ammocret limestone concrete combines the advantages of concrete with the warm basic tone of limestone. Like conventional concrete, the limestone concrete can be sharpened, rubbed off, stalled and washed. At the event, Alex Vögeli tells how limestone chunks without marl and clay components are broken in the gravel plant in Kleindöttingen and processed into ammocret.

The architectural firm Bob Gysin Partner BGP has designed the façade of the project of a townhouse on Englischviertelstrasse in Zurich with Ammocret concrete. Located in an urban context, the house enters into a dialogue with the surrounding houses with its opening behavior, warm colors and the play between stocked and formwork smooth surface. Binta Anderegg from BGP presents the project and also discusses the technical challenges involved in the realization of the double-shell façade construction.