Visit Suurstoffi Site East


We invite you to visit our completed buildings on the Suurstoffi site East.

Three buildings - Suurstoffi 16, 18 and 20 - with different residential typologies on 16'770 m2 and structures for 10'250 m2 service and retail uses occupy the edge of the terrain towards the railway tracks.

The flat-typologies range from small apartments to duplex apartments to cluster-apartments. A total of 152 apartments and 8 student apartments spread over the buildings, each of which has its own character.

The variable usability of the storeys and the CO2-free operation create long-term sustainable buildings, which were realized in a short time. While the lower floors had already been built, the ground plans could still be perfected thanks to the static concept on the upper floors.

Saturday, November 18, 2017, 11:20 - 16:00
Project presentation at 11:30 am, guided tours and aperitif afterwards
Address: Suurstoffi 18, 6343 Rotkreuz ZG 

396 Anfahrtsplan Besichtigung.jpg

Train connection
from Zurich HB 10:35 am (IR direction Lucerne)
arriving at Rotkreuz 11:09 am

Registration until 17.11.2017 at

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