«Gegenpol» | Disc 03 by Andrea Wolfensberger


«Who is speaking? Who speaks what to whom? How is it spoken?»

«How does the translation process from a personal voice to digital code happen?»

«How does the retranslation of disembodied codes back to the physical happen?»


These are all questions that not only interest the artist Andrea Wolfensberger but also have something to do with our work as architects. Keyword: "Increasing digitization".

In the first edition of the "Gegenpol" series, around 80 invited guests from the construction, art and culture sectors went looking for some answers to the above questions.

In the sense of a decelerated confrontation with art, the event revolved around a single work: Disc 03, sound recordings molded in hard plaster.

The art historian Isabel Zürcher conducted the interview and, like the participants, asked exciting and not always easy questions.

We thank all guests, Isabel Zürchern and especially Andrea Wolfensberger for the successful evening.

The next edition with a work by an artist whose work most of us have knowingly or unknowingly run into before is already in preparation.

Website of Andrea Wolfensberger

With the support of Galerie Bob Gysin