Gebäudeerneuerung 4.0


From the point of view of energy policy, the great task is not within the new-building sector, but within the renovation of the existing buildings. At the moment, only a few examples are known that combine ambitious energetic and ecological objectives with equally high architectural and urban standards. This is not to be misunderstood, however, that both objectives are fundamentally contradictory. On the contrary: an energetic renewal always brings the opportunity to a simultaneous design revaluation.

Sebastian El Khouli of BGP is leading the SIA-Form ad-hoc-group. Together with the two professional groups BGT and BGA they will be offering a new training program from autumn 2017 onwards. Within the scope of a half-day event two newly renovated buildings will be visited. The responsible architects and specialist planners will explain on the ground, which particular challenges have arisen for interdisciplinary cooperation and the measures that could be used to achieve the objectives

Lucerne: school renovation. Strategies for architectural and energetic upgrading

Tuesday, 05. June 2018, 13.30 - 18.00

Schulhas Zentrum, Horw
Architecture: Lussi + Partner / Halter Casagrande, Lucerne / HVAC: Imboden Solista, Horw

Schulhaus Felsberg, Lucerne
Architecture: Menzi Bürgler, Zurich / HVAC: Markus Stolz, Lucerne

Speakers: Philippe Bürgler, Menzi Bürgler Architects / Jürg Sieber, Imboden Solista; Thomas Lussi, Lussi Partner / Markus Stolz
Moderation: Axel Simon, editor Hochparterre

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