3rd prize for the expansion of the Kappeli school in Buchs

"Kappeli" learning landscape

The extension mediates between the different scales in the area and the existing building structure. The new spaces are divided into three volumes, which are connected to the existing building via a hinge. The hinge is the fulcrum, which ensures attractive addressing, good orientation, and short distances. At the same time, thanks to this setting, the ensemble has its own focal points of use and the existing outdoor spaces and the valuable trees are largely preserved.

The multifunctional space structure, with horizontal access areas that can be furnished freely, covers the current needs of students and teachers and at the same time guarantees long-term adaptability to new educational requirements. Inside and outside, ECO-compatible materials with a low gray energy value are used, while the wood-hybrid construction and the differentiated facade relief tie in with high-quality local craftsmanship.

Architecture: Bob Gysin Partner, Zurich
Landscape architecture: ASP Landschaftsarchitekten, Zurich
Sustainability / building physics: EK Energiekonzepte, Zurich
Timber construction engineer: Timbatec, Zurich
Visualisation: Renderisch, Zurich